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Bamboo Fun Facts & Tips

Why Bamboo?

    Bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable fabric, more eco-friendly than a lot of other fabrics on the market. It is incredibly soft and breathable, providing the upmost comfort. Bamboo is perfect for any temperature and quickly absorbs and evaporates humidity.

    What are the benefits to wearing Bamboo?

      In addition to comfort from the soft luxurious texture, bamboo is perfect for those who have dry skin, sensitive skin or typically experience skin irritation. Bamboo is one of the most highly recommended fabrics in the world. It is hypoallergenic and breathes better than most fabrics including cotton. Bamboo aids in the prevention of overheating and works not only for baby but for adults too!

        Are all Bamboo fabrics the same?
          No. Though all types of Bamboo fabric have a breathable, soft feel, some may be heavier than others while some may be lighter than others. At Royal Babies & Tots, we use a classic-weight bamboo which most are accustomed to and a slightly thicker bamboo. Don’t worry, your little one will still get the same type of comfort and we will always specify the thickness in the item's description section. Here are a few levels we normally use for our collections:
          Lightweight Bamboo (160gsm)
          Classic Bamboo (180gsm) - most commonly used in the bamboo world
          Classic Plush Bamboo (210gsm)
          Thicker Bamboo (240gsm) - our most commonly used
          Thicker Plush Bamboo (260gsm)
            How do I care for my Bamboo?

              General Care - Bamboo is delicate so you too must be as delicate as possible and handle with care. Garments with snaps should NOT be pulled by the fabric. To avoid tears, carefully unsnap buttons directly from the snaps.

              Washing - Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle, inside out with like colors. Use a detergent free of dyes, fragrances, and any other ingredients that may cause irritation to your little one’s skin. We recommend free & clear detergents. It is best to hang dry or lay flat to dry after washing. If you must place your garments in the dryer be sure to tumble dry low.

              DO’s, DONT’s, & MAYBE’s
                -Loose thread is common. If you receive an item with loose thread, simply snip the thread from the garment
                -Hand wash accessories and lay flat to dry.
                -Make sure zippers, snaps, and buttons are completely closed or zipped up prior to washing.
                -Avoid mixing light fabrics with darker ones. If you have multi-colored or printed items, wash with similar multi-colored items.
                -Do Not Bleach!
                -Avoid washing with fabrics that are rough, i.e. denim, towels, jackets, etc.
                -For added protection, place garments in a garment bag
                -To remove wrinkles, place iron on VERY low heat or lightly steam.
                -Free and Clear detergent is recommended for washing
                -Use a color catcher to assist in bleeding and fading prevention. Highly recommend on bright colors, multi-colored prints and dark colors